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RMD 2 litre Drophead

Drop-Head Gorgeous - a Real Miracle!
This Riley Drophead is the phoenix from the flame, Lazarus from the dead! When it was found under a bramble bush eight years ago, the car was barely a skeleton.


But, after a great deal of intensive care, it has been nurtured and nourished into the bonnie lass before you. This is Gwyn Morris' pride and joy, and proves that Real Miracles can happen!

Real Motors! MVM is an every day RM, regularly on the road, and keen to be pictured with the rich and famous!


This time it's a quick photo opportunity with the Prince of Wales - not the Royal Monarch-to-be, but one from steamier stock!

RMF 2 litre saloon
RMA 1 litre saloon

A 1947 Riley 1 takes to the water at Stanhope Ford during the 2005 RRMC Diamond Tour around Britain to commemorate 60 years since the start of Riley RM production in 1945.

2 litre RM saloon at Sandringham

From the 2003 Annual rally at Sandringham.

Another Line up, this time from the 2004 Annual Rally in Slimbridge.

RMs in Slimbridge
Rileys in Somerset

From the 2004 Annual weekend at Bardon in Somerset.

Nice RMA at the 2008 Annual Rally at Southwell.

RMA at Southwell
RMC Roadster at Southwell

Lovely RMC Roadster at Southwell.

Superb RMD Drophead at the 2008 Annual Rally at Southwell.

RMD at Southwell
Early RMA at Southwell

Early RMA Saloon at Southwell.

You're nicked!! 2 litre RMB Police Patrol car at the 2008 Annual Rally at Southwell.

RMB at Southwell
RM rear ends at Southwell

Elegant rear ends at Southwell!

Put yourself in the driving seat!!

Click the picture to see Dag Jarnoy's video of a trip from Norway to Sweden in his 2 litre RMB.

Norway to Sweden by Riley


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