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The principal object of our Club is to ensure the continued use of RM series Rileys through the provision of spares. We are extremely proud of our spares service, which we feel is second to none in the old car movement.


You are probably wondering about the significance of RM in our title. During the period of the production run of post-war Rileys, the letters RM (for Riley Motors) with an alphabetical suffix (denoting the model) were applied to the model as a means of identification:



1945 - 1952 (late)

1 litre saloon


1946 - 1952 (late)

2 litre saloon


1948 - 1950

2 litre roadster


1948 - 1950

2 litre drophead coupe


1952 (late) - 1955

1 litre saloon


1952 (late) - 1953

2 litre saloon


1954 - 1957

2 litre Pathfinder saloon


Approximately 23,000 cars were produced in the series RMA - RMF of which about 500 were Roadsters and a further 500 Dropheads. The final car of the series and the only one with a name was the Pathfinder, or RMH of which approximately 5000 were produced.


During the 1960's the spares which were available from the manufacturers began to dry up, and those of us who were running RMs were beginning to have difficulties in obtaining even fairly mundane parts. Then in 1969 two fellow Riley owners, John Byron and James Atkinson had the foresight to start the Club, which now has a membership of over 1700 spread all over the world.


We have adopted throughout the attitude that Rileys should be used, and our spares policy has over the years been to make this possible. The Club's spares company is continually increasing the range of spares held and, where a demand exists, has arranged the remanufacture of many parts.


To keep Riley RMs on the road, the Club's UK Heritage approved spares company retains a comprehensive stock of new spares for both 1 and 2 litre models, including:


A - C

D - H

I - M

Badge bars
Big end bolts
Boot hinges
Bottom pipes
Brake hoses
Brake linings
BSF nuts
Chrome plated 'D' lamps
Chrome plated front & rear
bumper assemblies
Clutch cover assemblies
Clutch plates
Clutch rods
Clutch thrust bearings
Contact sets
Core plugs
Crankshaft plugs
Cylinder liners

Distributor caps
Door hinge pins
Drivers handbooks
Dust covers
Engine mounting kits
Engine steady cables
Exchange dynamos and starters
Exhaust manifolds
Exhaust systems
Fan belts
Gasket sets
Gear lever control bushes
Half shafts
Head gaskets
Hot spot elbows
Hot spot tubes
Hub caps

Instrument panels and bezels
Interior light lens
Interior mirrors
King pin bushes
King pin seals
King pins
Master cylinder kits
Master cylinders

N - R

S - T

U - Z

Oil filter conversion kits
Oil filters
Oil pump gears
Oil seals
Pathfinder windscreens
Piston rings
Radiator badges
Rear spring rubber bushes
Rear springs
Rear wings &
running boards
Reproduction Butler lamps
Ring gears
Roof gutters
Roof kits
Rubber extrusions
Rubber mouldings

Small end bushes
Speedometer cables
Spindle housing swivel pins
Steering rack
Steering rack gaiters
Steering wheels
SU repair kit
SU service charts
Swivel pin bushes
Telescopic shock absorbers
Thermostat housings
Timber parts
Timing chains
Top hoses
Torsion bar bushes
Track rod end repair kits
Trim parts

Universal joints
Valve guides
Valve springs
Water pump &
crankshaft pulleys
Water pump kits
Water tube drifts
Wheel cylinder repair kits
Wheel cylinders
Window channel
Windscreen wiper blades
Windscreen wipers
Wing mirrors
Wiper motors
Workshop manuals


Spares cannot be ordered unless you have a current Riley RM Club Membership Number. Please allow 21 days for your membership to become effective. Please note that the constitution of the Club restricts the sale of spares to fully paid-up members of the Riley RM Club.


Our spares secretary sends parts internationally so wherever you are in the world you can benefit from this vital club service.



Heritage Approval   

Heritage Approval means that the Club's spares company, The Riley RM Centre Ltd meets the strict criteria regarding quality of service, product knowledge, financial stability, premises and that they carry a broad range of Heritage Original Equipment parts in stock. Only the premier companies in the classic sector are approved to display the accreditation sign.


The quality of service you receive is of the highest order and you know you are dealing with the best companies in the classic sector. British Motor Heritage product is produced to the highest standards, mostly from the original tooling and to the original specification. All of the product is identified by the distinctive product label.


We have a wide range of club and Riley items available, including clothing, car and lapel badges, restoration manuals and books relating to RM Rileys.

RMemoranda - The Club Magazine

In addition to our spares service, there is a wonderful and informative Club magazine, RMemoranda, which is printed and sent to members eight times a year. We are proud of the quality of this magazine which contains technical articles, information on social activities, and details of spares, as well as advertising pages in which one can buy and sell cars or parts.

Technical Advice

The RRMC has a number of technical advisers to assist with problems. and a registrar / archivist with records covering the majority of cars still in existence.

Archive and Vehicle Registrar Database

The RRMC maintains an extensive archive related to Riley cars of our period, in addition to which, a massive database now exists detailing all RM cars about which any information is known. This has proved a fascinating resource, as a number of articles the Database manager supplies to RMemoranda has shown. The database manager welcomes further information about your present or former Riley RMs - please look at our Links & Census page.

Online Forum

The Riley RM Club online forum is for club members only. A vibrant community of some 500 members share ideas, ask questions, answer what they can. This is a very popular facilty especially for the far flung members who cannot easily get to a noggin and natter session.


On the social front, there are monthly meetings in most parts of the UK (see events listing), a good number of regular events (like the Pennine and Welsh Weekends) and of course, our annual National Rally, which is held in a different venue every year.

The Riley RM Club is for you:

If you are or intend to become a Riley RM owner or just love Rileys. Many people join the club first and hear of cars becoming available from other members - a safer way to start ownership.

If you need spare parts. the Club's spares company holds very large stocks of new and second hand spares and specialises in RMs.

If you need advice. The club advisors and other members are only too pleased to help. The club sells instruction books, workshop manuals etc.

If you enjoy the social activities connected with car clubs, meetings, day trips, rallies and a sense of belonging and sharing your interests.

If you are an enthusiast and want to keep the 'Riley' name alive.

Membership is open to all owners and enthusiasts of the Riley RM series motor cars made between 1945 and 1957, and is also open to owners of pre-war Nuffield Rileys and those post-war Healeys using Riley mechanical parts.


A prerequisite of running and enjoying an RM Riley is the Riley RM Club. For information on How to Join click here


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