RM Club Archive and Vehicle Database

The Vehicle Registrar of The Riley RM Club maintains a database of all known RM Rileys worldwide whether they are roadworthy, awaiting restoration or dispatched to the scrapyard decades ago. The database currently contains over 8600 cars from records that have been collected since the formation of the Club itself. Unrecorded cars continue to surface either in the flesh from long-term hibernation or in old family photographs and these are all added into the database.

Individual cars in the database register are referenced by both registration mark and chassis number. New members are encouraged to complete the vehicle census form in order to maintain and update the records of each car. Please use the census form to provide details to the Vehicle Registrar of Riley RMs that you know about. Any old photographs of family cars are very much appreciated. Please complete the form and send it to the Vehicle Registrar at

The Vehicle Registrar also acts as the official point of contact for owners of RM Rileys who wish to apply to the DVLA to either register their car under its original registration number or apply for an age-related registration number if the original was transferred off or lost. The Club records are very useful in dating as well as recording the history of cars. These records can be used to check original specifications and in dealings with the DVLA by providing dating certification.

Over the last 50 years members and others have donated Riley RM material to the RM Club archive. This is all recorded and securely stored and is invaluable for research projects.
Whole collections have been entrusted to the RM Club as well as thousands of individual items such as photographs and brochures – in fact anything and everything RM related.
If you or your family have anything RM you no longer require and would like to donate it to the Club please let us know.
Contact the RM Club Archivist at

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