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The principal object of our Club is to ensure the continued use of RM series Rileys through the provision of spares. We are extremely proud of our spares service, which we feel is second to none in the classic car movement.

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The Riley RM Centre Ltd has British Motor Heritage approval; it is one of the major successes of the Riley RM Club and the envy of others. In the early days of the Club all efforts were made to purchase relevant parts while they were still available.  After a few years they became unavailable.  A period followed when money was made available through the Club to begin to have parts re-made, with all resultant profits being channelled back through the spares operation to have more parts made.

BMH approved
AA10.60 2
Manufactured for the RM Club: bronze thermostat housing with modern thermostat and circlip fitted; fits all 1½ & 2½ (RMB) engines

This has enabled both the Club and the spares operation to grow to the position we have today with almost 1,600 items on the shelves.  Essentially, all parts necessary to keep an RM on the road are available by return (but please recognise that even with the best of intentions, from time to time stocks need re-sourcing and replenishing, which can take a few months!).

After consultation with the Spares List (which can be downloaded from here), parts can be ordered online at the Spares Centre website or by email, fax or letter.  Please ensure you  give the details of the car to which the parts will be fitted, together with the quantity and part number of the spare parts required as shown in the list. Parts are paid for at checkout and include standard postage. Where items are Overweight/Size a separate invoice will be issued to cover the excess postal
charges. All parts and postage must be paid for in advance of dispatch.

The Riley RM Club has developed a range of restoration manuals covering saloon and roadster models. These give an in-depth description of restoring our cars, written in great detail by club experts. There are also supplements covering engine, gearbox, electrical, brake and fuel systems that have pulled together all the club expertise gained over the years, adding to the content of the original workshop manuals.

A full selection of spares is available at the UK National Rally each year.

NB – In common with most other classic car clubs, spares can only be purchased by fully paid-up members of the Riley RM Club, for use on their own cars; this is necessary in order to maintain the Club’s Mutual Trading status under HMRC rules.

Clutch universal joint rebuild kit
Manufactured for the RM Club – clutch universal joint rebuild kit
The Riley RM Centre website – available now on a computer near you

The Riley RM Centre Spares website, which enables anyone to view parts, and RM Club members (you can join the Club online here) to place orders online, is taking registrations and orders.

Also available, where applicable, are fitting instructions and further notes.

A list of parts we supply – new ones are being added all the time . . .

A – C

Badge bars
Big end bolts
Boot hinges
Bottom pipes
Brake hoses
Brake linings
BSF nuts
Chrome plated ‘D’ lamps
Chrome plated front & rear
bumper assemblies
Clutch cover assemblies
Clutch plates
Clutch rods
Clutch thrust bearings
Contact sets
Core plugs
Crankshaft plugs
Cylinder liners

D – H

Distributor caps
Door hinge pins
Drivers handbooks
Dust covers
Engine mounting kits
Engine steady cables
Exchange dynamos and starters
Exhaust manifolds
Exhaust systems
Fan belts
Gasket sets
Gear lever control bushes
Half shafts
Head gaskets
Hot spot elbows
Hot spot tubes
Hub caps

I – M

Instrument panels and bezels
Interior light lens
Interior mirrors
King pin bushes
King pin seals
King pins
Master cylinder kits
Master cylinders

N – R

Oil filter conversion kits
Oil filters
Oil pump gears
Oil seals
Pathfinder windscreens
Piston rings
Radiator badges
Rear spring rubber bushes
Rear springs
Rear wings &
running boards
Reproduction Butler lamps
Ring gears
Roof gutters
Roof kits

S – T

Small end bushes
Speedometer cables
Spindle housing swivel pins
Steering rack
Steering rack gaiters
Steering wheels
SU repair kit
SU service charts
Swivel pin bushes
Telescopic shock absorbers
Thermostat housings
Timber parts
Timing chains
Top hoses
Torsion bar bushes
Track rod end repair kits
Trim parts

U – Z

Universal joints
Valve guides
Valve springs
Water pump & crankshaft pulleys
Water pump kits
Water tube drifts
Wheel cylinder repair kits
Wheel cylinders
Window channel
Windscreen wiper blades
Windscreen wipers
Wing mirrors
Wiper motors
Workshop manuals

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